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who we are

LiggettVille is company that owns and operates family adventure centers that are located in properties such as malls, retail centers, city centers, and more. By partnering with property owners to create customized amusement attractions and monetize unused or undesirable space, LiggettVille’s “retailtainment” attractions are proven to draw in and thrill repeat visitors of all ages.

Unmatched experience

With over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing adventure ropes courses and products across the globe, LiggettVille is an expert in creating unforgettable adventure entertainment. In addition to developing customized solutions that best fit each property owner’s needs, LiggettVille has the staff, knowledge, and resources to manage, book, market, and operate the adventure facility worry free so that you, the property owner, doesn’t have to.



customized solutions

For each property, we consider the given space as well as square footage available and based on the surroundings, flow of people, etc., maximize the WOW factor to transform these spaces into unforgettable attractions. We currently have three models of different sizes and options: MegaVille, GigaVille, and TeraVille.

We also have systems in place for safety, customer service, point of sale and other critical operations.

Questions? Please reach out to us, we’d love to chat.