Today, more than ever, cities are looking for new ways to breathe life back into their communities. Re-purposing vacant buildings that were once a nuisance, into thriving new venture is trending throughout the country.
— Michelle Liggett | Owner Allegan Event

Located in Allegan, MI, this small town is surrounded by 3 large cities to make a customer base of over 1.7 million people. In the summer, many tourists and families visiting and are looking for unique experiences. Allegan offers just that including quaint shopping and dining. In addition to Allegan Event’s 13,000 sq. ft. indoor facility & 20 outdoor acres, we have two 600’ zip lines spanning over the Kalamazoo River. This high impact attraction covers bucket lists, family bonding & amazing views from 62’ above.

ALLEGAN EVENT SPECS 13,000 sq. ft.

  • 16 pole, 2 level Sky Trail® with 64 elements, 2 Sky Rails™ & 1 QuickFlight

  • 8 pole Sky Tykes® with 13 elements & 1 Sky Rail™ 

  • 350 indoor occupancy

  • Party & group area

  • Food & beverage area

  • Arcade area

  • Outdoor patio

  • Outdoor attractions (in process) include: Amaze’n Mazes™, mini golf, Sky Trail® with Sky Rail™, Sky Tykes® with Sky Rail™ & Clip ‘n Climb®


  • $40 Combo: Sky Trail® with Sky Rail™, QuickFlight & Clip ‘n Climb®

  • $23 Sky Trail® with Sky Rails™ & QuickFlight

  • $18 Sky Trail® with Sky Rails™

  • $10 Clip ‘n Climb®, 5 climbs

  • $10 Sky Tykes® with Sky Rail™